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WFNR Symposium: Advances in Treatment and Research on Disorders of Consciousness
Friday, March 23, 2012, 4:00pm-5:00pm
Moorfoot Room, Level 0

Recent worldwide growth of the whole rehabilitation area has a strict interaction with the actual inherent capacity of technology and its applications for development.  In fact, in latter times exists several neurorahabilitation therapeutical experiences and projects of research dealing with the use of new technological tools, with different aims.  This new approach produces positive effects such as the “relieve or the multiplier effect” and it helps the operators to improve their knowledge and skills.  Technology allows also to perform wider clincal trials or observations with a guarantee of homogeneous quality in the measurability of treatments’effects, outcomes and functional results.  Given this actual orientation in neurorehabilitation, this year the WFNR session in the IXth World IBIA Congress in Edinburgh (UK), is addressed on the recent advances in the field of disorders of consciousness (DOC) with the particular aim to focus on technology applied to the diagnosis, reasearch and rehabilitation treatments. Debate will consider particularly the robot therapy and the invasive (such as DBS) and non-invasive (such as tDCS and TMS) brain stimulation methods.


Theresa L. Pape (USA)

Caterina Pistarini (Italy)

Giorgio Maggioni (Italy)




Chair: Stephanie Clark (Switzerland)