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TRU Satellite Symposium II: Effectively Transitioning Rehabilitation to the Real World: The Importance of Raising Standards of Training and Support for Direct Rehabilitation Staff
Saturday, March 24, 2012,
Moorfoot Room, Level 0

As services offering brain injury support continue to grow in numbers, there is increasing recognition of the need to transfer therapy from clinical environments to real world settings.  This requires an integrated rehabilitation model with trained direct care rehabilitation staff to effectively support and transfer evidence-based rehabilitation approaches to naturalistic environments.  A model fo transitional rehabilitation coaching is introduced while exploring the standards required for training individuals that undertake such critical roles.  The provision of training for paraprofessionals across international services is evaluated and a programme of "Certification for Brain Injury Specialists" described.  The implications of this and the importance of developing an infrastrucure of specialist training, support and supervision are discussed.

Ralph Aguilar, Gemma Hague, Rachel Blackburn