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Post Traumatic Headache: A Hands on Workshop
Wednesday, March 21, 2012,
Kilsyth Room, Level 0

Post-traumatic headache (PTHA) is often poorly assessed and therefore poorly treated. Most clinicians do not adequately interview nor examine patients with this post-traumatic complaints. Such practice results in non-specific pain diagnoses such as PTHA that does nothing to direct appropriate care or ultimately produce better outcomes. This workshop will provide participants with a unique opportunity to engage in a didactic lecture on PTHA followed by a hands on interactive experience that will assist them in familiarization with the assessment of persons with post-traumatic headache. The workshop leader is a internationally known specialist in brain injury rehabilitation, as well as a pain management specialist. Issues to be focused on will be the clinical interview and the physical exam of the person with complaints of PTHA. Several local patients with PTHA will participate in this workshop as subjects and participants will be able to interact with both the speaker and the patient volunteers.

Convener: Nathan D. Zasler, MD, FAAPM&R, FAADEP, DAAPM, CBIST, CEO & Medical Director, Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, Ltd., CEO & Medical Director, Tree of Life Services, Inc., Professor, affiliate, VCU Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Richmond, Virginia, Associate Professor, Adjunct, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, Professor, Adjunct, Graduate School of Psychology, Touro College, New York, NY, Chairperson, IBIA.

OBJECTIVES: a) Identify the basic sub-types of PTHA and their treatment. b) Analyze the clinical history for PTHA - pre-injury, injury and post-injury factors. c) Demonstrate specific exam techniques for PTHA including neurologic, musculoskeletal and psychoemotional assessment.