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Accepted papers - Session 29 (Adult - Aging)
Saturday, March 24, 2012,
Fintry Auditorium, Level 3
Adult - Aging
Chair: Tom McMillan (UK)
0538 Improved mortality rates in elderly patients undergoing craniotomy for evacuation of acute subdural hematomas
Christian Bowers, Andrew Dailey*
University of Utah, USA
0713 An Investigation of Biological Ageing Processes Following Head Injury
Maria Gardani*1, Thomas McMillan1, Paul Shiels2, Liane McGlyn2, Elaine Stewart1
1Mental Health & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow, UK, 2Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow, UK
0273 The effect of age on injury mechanisms, treatment and early outcome in patients with severe traumatic brain injury in Norway
Cecilie Rĝe*1, Audny Anke2, Toril Skandsen3, Unn Manskow2, Nada Andelic1
1Oslo University Hospital, Norway, 2University Hospital of North Norway, Norway, 3St Olav University Hospital, Norway, 4Haukeland University Hospital, Norway
0491 Older Adults with Acquired Brain Injury: Functional Independence Measures after Inpatient Rehabilitation
Angela Colantonio*1, Vincy Chan1, Amy Chen2, Brandon Zagorski1, Daria Parsons3, Rika Vander Laan3
1University of Toronto, Canada, 2Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Canada, 3Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, Canada