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Is Neuropsychological Assessment of Value in Determining Functional Ability After TBI?
Friday, March 23, 2012,
Sidlaw Auditorium, Level 3

Psychological assessments of cognitive ability have evolved from a predominantly psychometric exercise designed to discriminate between psychiatric and neurological abnormalities to a broad based neuropsychological approach that examines a range of cognitive functions, to provide answers about a patient’s legal capacity, and their ability to function in the community. However, some neuropsychologists working are beginning to question whether performance on neuropsychological tests has sufficient ecological value to allow inferences to be made about how well test performance translates into decisions regarding functional capability. This symposium is designed to examine the strengths and weaknesses of existing neuropsychological tests as tools considered ‘fit for purpose’ in the expanding role of clinical neuropsychology. Two speakers will largely support of value of neuropsychological assessment as measures of functional ability, whilst two will take a critical view of the current status of neuropsychological tests as reliable measures of the complex decision making that is necessary for community independence.

Speakers for:

Jeffrey Kreutzer (USA) Tools to Facilitate Ecologically Valid Neuropsychological Assessment

Jennie Ponsford (Australia) Predicting everyday executive function in neuropsychological assessment

Speakers Against:

Barbara Wilson (UK)

Rodger L. Wood (UK) The ‘frontal paradox’ and other challenges to the ecological value of neuropsychological assessment

Chair: Rodger Wood (UK)