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Accepted papers - Session 11 (Adult - Disorders of Consciousness)
Friday, March 23, 2012
Fintry Auditorium, Level 3
Adult - Disorders of Consciousness
0204 Short term right median nerve stimulation arouse profound variation of brain blood perfusion and microRNA expression on traumatic coma patients
Guoyi Gao*1, Jiyao Jiang1, Edwin Cooper2
1Renji Hospital, Shanghai jiaotong University, School of Medicine, China, 2Lenoir Memorial Hospital, USA
Vegetative State: May The Advanced MR Techniques (fMRI And Spectroscopy) Be Of Help To Prognosis?
Daniela Cevolani*1, Monica Maffei2, Raffaele Agati2, Alberto Battistini3, Roberto Piperno3, Marco Leonardi1
1Neuroradiology Chair - University of Bologna, Italy, 2Neuroradiology U.O. - Bellaria Hospital, Italy, 3Rehabilitative Medicine - Maggiore Hospital, Italy
0635 Thalamic proton magnetic spectroscopy: distinction between Persistent Vegetative State/Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome and Minimally Conscious State
Lara Prisco*1, Mario Ganau2, Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse3, Jean-Flory Luaba Tshibanda3, Murielle Kirsch4, Marie Thonnard3, Vanessa Charland3, Steven Laureys3
1Training School in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, University Hospital of Cattinara, Italy, 2Graduate School of Nanotechnology, University of Trieste, Italy, 3Coma Science Group, Cyclotron Research Center, University of Liège, Belgium, 4Anaesthesiology Department, University Hospital of Liège, Belgium
0670 Improvement of consciousness after transcranial direct current stimulation - a sham-controlled double blind study
Aurore Thibaut*, Didier Ledoux, Athena Demertzi, Coraline Ropars, Steven Laureys, Marie-Aurélie Bruno
Cyclotron Reaserch Centre, University of Liège, Belgium
0809 Breakdown of salience network resting state connectivity in patients with disorders of consciousness
Athena Demertzi*, Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse, Andrea Soddu, Luaba J-F Tshibanda, Camille Chatelle, Melanie Boly, Olivia Gosseries, Marie-Aurélie Bruno, Aurore Thibaut, Vanessa Charland, Caroline Schnakers, Gustave Moonen, Steven Laureys
Coma Science Group, Cyclotron REsearch Center, University of Liège, Belgium
0369 Delayed Recovery More Than Two Years After Diagnosis And Treatment For Tuberculous Meningitis
Barbara Wilson2
1Raphael Medical Centre, UK, 2Oliver zangwill Centre, UK
0203 Nociception Coma Scale-Revised scores correlate with pain matrix metabolism as measured by PET
Camille Chatelle*, Aurore Thibaut, Mélanie Boly, Marie-Aurélie Bruno, Steven Laureys, Caroline Schnakers
Coma Science Group, Cyclotron Research Centre, University of Liège, Belgium
0682 The problem of assessing consciousness in brain-damaged patients with aphasia
Caroline Schnakers*1, Helene Bessou1, Joseph Giacino2, Steven Laureys1, Steve Majerus1
1University of Liège, Belgium, 2Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, USA
Vanessa Charland Verville*, Lee Sela, Anton Plotkin, Camille Chatelle, Noam Sobel, Steven Laureys
Cyclotron Research Centre, Belgium
0690 Neurophysiological indices of top-down attentional processing in minimally conscious patients: an ERP study
Caroline Schnakers*1, Marianne Lovstad2, Melanie Boly1, Dina Habbal1, Joseph Giacino3, Steve Majerus1, Steven Laureys1
1University of Liège, Belgium, 2Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital, Norway, 3Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, USA